In Chennai…

In Chennai for a day and I was missing the ongoing DLF Cup in Malaysia, as India took on Australia on a lazy saturday afternoon.

What Australia did to India and what India did to themselves became an altogether different matter though. The same rain gods that were blamed for denying India a victory two days back against the West Indies were thanked, for tonight they saved India the blushes.

Rahul Dravid should not open the innings. These (failed?) experiments have gone too far now. And we have heard so much about Raina and seen so little. Why can’t he be sent up the order? Not a chance worth taking? And why not?

Not taking the credit away from Johnson, Indians played some sloppy cricket. Dravid tried to start the onslaught a bit too early and paid the price. Irfan got out to a beauty that, it appeared, woke him from a sleep. Sehwag, what can be said (Sirjee, why do we get confused?). Yuvraj. He has been living on the edge so long now, he has started giving those to the slip squadron.

Meanwhile in Chennai, met up with Dilip and Kiruba, two people I have admired since long. It was fun to meet up, worth coming all the way from Bangalore.

The weather’s cool by the local standards but hot as ever, for a guy from Bangalore. Tell you what, Bangalores weather pampers you, spoils you.

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