Somethings should be clear

This is in reply to a hate comment that I received.

Let me make this clear: On this website, I shall write what I want, when I want. If you have a problem with that, go away. I must remind you that you do not have to read this weblog if you do not subscribe to the opinions expressed here.

Also, it will not help matters, leaving hate comments and baseless criticism. Either I will delete your comment or if I decide to keep it, it will stay so for the readers should know your sick state of mind. Either way, you will end up making a mockery of yourself. Other than this, I cannot guarantee any special treatment.

My employer (if any, that is) has nothing to do with this website. Dragging my work, my vocation, my employer (or like in this case, my relatives!) adds a dash of uselessness to your comment(s).

Visitors are tracked hard and hate-commentors are tracked harder. So more often than not, I have an idea who you are, where you are. Be it Nepal, Sri Lanka, Amsterdam or UK, it’s not a big deal to find out all that information. Really.

Comments will be moderated for some time.