Voting, Blog Voting

This is late, in fact I did not even know that today is the last day for blog-voting at Indibloggies. Awards for the best of Indian Blogs for the year that has just passed by. I have just voted :)

And I shall be clear about whom I have voted for. Here are the categories, and my choice:

The best Indiblog of 2005
Uma’s Indianwriting

Select the Best Topical IndiBlog of 2005
Sonia Faleiro

Select the Best Group Blog of 2005

Select the Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique of 2005

I did not have to think twice while making these choices, the people associated with these blogs are wonderful people and write inspiringly well. I know that.

If you are a blogger as well, then please, please go and vote! Today is the last day!

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