Thanks to Madman, my *own* blog is finally up and running. I had a hard time choosing the template. The WordPress community offers so many themes to modify the look of your blog that it is not surprising to be overwhelmed and finally confused.

I started blogging almost 2 years back, when in my first job while doing night shifts there was nothing much to do at 5 am when the mind finally refused to do any further work. Also, that blog was a result of the frustration that had piled up while I experienced a flurry of rejections from The Times of India while I day-dreamt of writing for the publication. I could not(write), of course, and hence my first blog and now, The Times of Truman.

I hope my old blog friends and readers check this one out. Trust me, if it was not for them, some of my friends and fellow bloggers, I would not be writing this. Thank you, all.

5 thoughts on “Finally..

  1. Hey dude why didnt u mention this new link in ur ol blog?? reading your new posts now !!! btw nice template

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