Back again

It’s probably one of the longest breaks I have taken from my blog (and blogosphere) but I guess shifting your life from one continent to another can take its toll. So while I won’t be able to roam the streets of New York on free weekends anymore, I am back to India with a few regrets in my heart of my only foreign trip:

1. Could not visit Washington D.C
2. Could not visit California.
3. Not even Philadelphia.

But on the bright side, the city I had heard the most about in life, I was able to visit the most. So I made a little dedication to New York City on youtube. This is a collection of pictures I took in my various visits to the city over a period of 6 months. Of course, the one picture in which I appear is not taken by me. These are from the Subway, Manhattan and Booklyn. I am sure I have missed some great secrets of NYC but at least I didn’t miss the most of it:

In New York

I have shamelessly used Alicia Keys song in the background but that was because I could not find any other song that could fit in so seamlessly.

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4 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Add a few more regrets — though you’ve mentioned the super-set of that already — you didn’t pay a visit to CalTech and the Computer History Museum :-)

    Welcome back!


  2. Was interested to check out your photographs, alas! ” this video has music content from Sony Music….not available in your region!” :-(

  3. this to her she tried to say it was a different cpnmaoy, but when I said it was the same she gave Blue Chips address as being a sister co. and offered to add on my payment to the money she was going to give me for my timeshare. When I refused to give her any money she asked what I wanted to do. I said when the courier comes for the contract to fetch me a cheque. She has gone to talk to her manager. I am still waiting for her to call back ha ha.

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