Jumping the Gun

Jumping the gun?

Caption: Pietersen and Morgan leave the ground after they won the T20 World cup (AP Photo)

England has just reached the semi-final of the T20 world cup. They may not may not win the World Cup from here but certainly, this is their best feat since the 2005 Ashes win.

By the way, you see something wrong in the caption of the picture, don’t you? Someone at Times Of India has been over enthusiastic of England’s prospects!


Meanwhile, another “jumping the gun” could be happening closer home — TOI reports that Dhoni may be sacked as the T20 and ODI captain. Why?

BCCI seems to be going beyond control. If this is true, Dhoni could probably be the first “domestic” casualty of BCCI’s autocratic nature that seems to be bothering everyone dealing with the sports body. The unsaid rule within Indian cricket has become this — If you want to play for the country or be considered for the job, you never criticize the BCCI. Anyone saying even a word against the body has to face the music. How do you expect the players to perform like this? The other day, Dhoni’s lame excuse of Late night IPL parties while defending the team for the World Cup debacle already had some people fuming in the BCCI. For all we know, that could be either the catalyst or the final nail in the coffin for Dhoni’s seemingly eminent end of Captaincy days.

In India’s (and Pakistan’s) cricket, it is thought that changing the cricket captain is the solution to most team problems. Dhoni could end up being the fall guy here. Just like Lalit Modi, off the field. People like Modi and Dhoni did not bring failure to the system, rather, they were a product of a failed system of Cricket (mis)administration. If anyone, BCCI should take and accept the blame for the mess Indian cricket is in. Removing Dhoni would yield absolutely nothing. I think as a captain, he has, more often than not, delivered the goods. That is where the BCCI could be jumping the gun. I have said it earlier, if there is something that the BCCI needs urgently, its a leader that believes in retrospection. And I don’t see it happening.

2 thoughts on “Jumping the Gun

  1. On the hindsight though – and after the final results of the T20 WC – it smacks of something else ;-) Conspiracy theorist someone?


  2. just wat i was thinking vijayant….. cricket in its sorriest state ever… every win and loss, evrey run out and every dropped catch takes me back to the day i learnt cronje fixed the match…..and am still not over it,, neither is cricket it seems.

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