Years back, when was yet to be degraded and more often than not carried articles of substance, I remember reading a detailed story about Shoaib Malik’s Indian wife on the website. Of course, as we all know, Shoaib Malik has been in a state of denial since then but it is a strange cover-up (if it is one), especially since the whole Pakistani team had been treated to a gala dinner in Hyderabad. What adds more credibility to the rediff article is that it claims the source of the news to be Reuters.

The article is still online. If you are interested, it can be found here.

Then today evening, I read the news on another news portal that hits a new low every now and then. has Bal Thackeray fuming over Sania’s wedding plans — “Had her heart been Indian, it wouldn’t have beaten for a Pakistani”. I read that and wondered for a moment. What is wrong with Sania marrying a Pakistani? Would the supremo had said that if her prospective husband was of any other nationality or religion? Her heart is human and it is beating for a fellow human but then again, how can one expect Thackeray to understand things that involve human nature?

I am not a fan of Sania Mirza and I would be happy if she went ahead and proved me wrong because I believe that her best is behind her. And personally, I think there is a chance that she may miss the freedom she enjoys as a Muslim lady in India but these matters, I think, should be left for the individual to decide upon.

How very unreasonable we all have been in quietly discarding her choice of a beau. Who are we to judge and who gave us that right? Would there be such noise if Shoaib Malik was not from our hostile western neighbour?

4 thoughts on “Deuced

  1. There are 2 reasons:

    First one – as everyone else in the world, we too show more interest in lives of others(I mean celebrities’).
    Second is, we think so parallel to media (in other words we don’t think at all!) that they make good business.

    I mean Indians when I say ‘we’.

    This is not the first case though. I can quote the example of South Indian actress Kushboo saying her ‘opinion’ about pre-marital sex in an interview. Number of cases were filed against her for saying her ‘opinion’. I really don’t understand then, what they mean by freedom of speech? or at least the literal meaning of ‘opinion’?

  2. india’s wonderful. everyone is assured of their freedom to speak and to sue each other in a lively state of discussion.

    or i could be wrong. it could perhaps be bloody well frustrating. is the acknowledgement of freedom of speech something that occurs only among the more ‘liberal modern types’ where you live?

    also, is sania moving to pakistan? bal thackeray is a douche.

  3. Aditya,
    My question to one and all sundry in the media – does this event require such a huge amount of coverage and does it make front page news???
    Media is made up of such freaking idiots that this news got a heads up before the massacre of 73 jawans in Chattisgarh by Maoists!

    Do we not have our priorities in place?

    And btw on the Sania-Shoaib issue – I think most of us honestly do not care whether they marry, or don’t marry or marry and get divorced! Who the hell has the time to bother about personal lives of people

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