Hail the Martyr

“Indira’s killers are being hailed as ‘martyrs’, in New Zealand’s largest gurdwara”, screams the first line of this report, online at Timesofindia.com. The report originates from Melbourne and that makes me wonder what is with Australia and the Indian media.

Titled “Shaheed Bhai” – or martyr brother – the paintings of Satwant and Beant along with Kehar Singh, who was the co-conspirator, hang on the walls in the Takanini gurdwara alongside others who have been killed for their Sikh beliefs, the ‘Weekend Herald’ reported.


The pictures have divided the Sikh community in Auckland – and upset others in the Indian community. But few were willing to speak publicly on the matter, the report said.

Something is wrong with the Sikh and the Indian community there. Why should it be condemned? Why are they upset? They have no reason to be.

Because right here, in the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, The Golden Temple – Amritsar, we hail them as martyrs too. To kill the PM of a country and then, in that country itself, be hailed as a martyr.

In 2006, I was disturbed to read this article. And then this was published, in 2009, in the Hindustan Times Editorial. I had then mentioned it on my blog, here.

If you feel disturbed too, please read them.

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