In the last 6 years, a critically acclaimed actor (who is a khan too), an actor who is a Punjabi and a Hindu, the other two “bankable” khans of the Indian film industry, a model-turned-actor (a Christian) and a former, and arguably the most respected, President of India, were all frisked at US Airports by Homeland security.

Still, one so called King Khan chose to make a huge hue and cry about it. On top of it, the man says SRK does not need publicity. Also note that he introduced himself as a movie “star”.

Shahrukh Khan is one arrogant man.

3 thoughts on “Khan-troversy

  1. You are bang on Aditya… Your last line in the post is the exact sentiment I felt coming from a South African lady who never knew SRK and had heard him only once in a TV interview.

    To life!

  2. Hilariously enough, she thought that SRK must be paying up huge sums to the film makers to cast him repeatedly. So much for a ‘global star’… A ‘modest’ one at that.


  3. firstly, king nothing by metallica from their load album is the appropriate song to sing here.

    Secondly, i heard someone saying on tv that we should frisk the us president in indian airports. Comparing a country’s president to faruck is foolishness itself.

    Sounds funny coming from people of our country. A country, whose it industry is totally dependent on america.

    Wish faruck was laid down on a slab of ice and beaten up. Noone could have done anything and the press would have enough material for 2 months

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