2 thoughts on “Save the girl child

  1. We can sign a pledge. How do we change the way a society values a girl? Forget the family.
    In my socioeconomic context, girls earn as much as or more than boys.
    A girl is still looked at as an economic burden because of concepts like dowry. If a woman contributes equally to household income , why should she bring a dowry? A dowry was perhaps initially a concept that came about coz a woman had to be taken care of by the husband

  2. I think a drastic step that’ll change the outlook of our society towards a girl will be to give her equal rights to ancestral property, then only the true equity would be achieved. It may look like a futile move, may be even detrimental to their cause in a short run but it will have far reaching effects on the moral of the society later on.

    I quote someone here, “If you educate a girl child you educate a generation”… I’d like to go further – If you financially empower a girl child you empower many a generation and break stereotypes.

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