Pakistani Immigrant

One guy calls me Pakistani after knowing my family migrated from Punjab’s Pakistan during partition. He says that yesterday I must have been a happy man, afterall Pakistan won the cricket match. I ask him if he had similar thoughts about the bengali friends he had, who came from East Bengal in East Pakistan — he has not heard of it. I ask him East Pakistan, 1971 war, he doesn’t know about it. I asked him 1947 partitioning of India, he tells me he never loved history. And then, as if forgiving me of my sins, he calls me an immigrant.

I have faced this situation at least two dozen times and yet I can’t learn to live with it. It just gets worse.

These are the young Indians who aspire to change the world.

5 thoughts on “Pakistani Immigrant

  1. i am curious. did u write this before u texted me? because if you did…well…thanks for providing an sms version! :)

  2. You’re as Paki as he’s a “filthy native”. So yeah, ask him what it’s like being a colonial subject. :)

  3. We were taught history to hate the right people. We were made to believe history is an unfashionable subject.
    We tailor made events that children learn by rote to glorify our country and defame other countries.
    Do we hate pakistan as much as we hate england?
    And then we stand up straight singing the national anthem in a multiplex before a bollywood movie is screened, hating muslims in our heart and the boy who got afmission in medical college coz he was dalit

  4. I have a similar story to yours. Although I am not too familiar how it is in India, this type of subject rarely comes up in America.

    Lets hope that it is only a minority of the population that believes this way and the majority are more knowledgeable about the world and open minded about what happened in the past.

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