Could do without

In the three weeks that saw this blog, the writer of this blog and the world’s largest democracy grow an year old there were a few things that we could have done without. To name a few:

1. The bombs in the city were too many and enough to spark a debate, yet again, on how safe we are. A few more days of debates and now we are going back to our comfort zones until the bombs show up again, which will bring us back to square one.

2. The internet doesn’t work at nights. Why? Well, after three successful attempts of stealing the local internet server and numerous unsuccessful ones, the local service engineer had had enough of the robbers. Refusing to take any more chances he decided to do what I thought was strange (if not absurd) but at least safe — he took the internet server offline and shifted it to a safe house every night. That I access internet at night doesn’t matter, of course.

3. My yahoo email spam has increased by more than 10 times. Right, that would be 1000%. I believe this was a “revenge” taken by a website. All I did was unsubscribed their newsletter earlier forced upon me. Now they have forced upon me 10 spam emails everyday. And these are those emails that bypass the spam filter and land in my inbox. Right from “Malasian Lottery” (Not Malaysian) to Microsoft announcing Cash rewards. Whatever it is, it surely exposes Yahoo’s Spamguard’s failure. Yahoo’s yet another failure while trying to get the spammer off its back. One failed attempt worth reading here.

Some more things that I remember(ed) but fail to make the cut now. Too hectic at work these days. I should write more.

3 thoughts on “Could do without

  1. Bombs — some one said intead of condemning terrorists we should thank them for letting some of us and our near and dear ones live.

    Spam — It didn’t know if could be so deliberately done.

  2. Bombs : Happen every now and then.Different locations.The great Indian Middle class apart from going to malls tracks the death toll on 24/7 tv news…”almost 4 people dead..death toll rising to 14…to 22”

    (((this coming from a tv journalist..ok no ..reporter))))


  3. I did q quiz on which Indian city I should live in. The result:

    “The pubs and traffic of Bangalore awaits you!”


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