How does the state honor the passing away of country’s greatest soldier?

By declaring a state funeral.

Sounds alright. Just that the President of the Indian Republic, The Vice-President, The Prime Minister, The Defence Minister and The Three chiefs of the Armed forces won’t be able to make it.

Carry it on, somebody send someone to represent the absentees, won’t you? Nobody’s noticing.

Oh and in the rare case, if there is hue and cry, we can always sign the condolence book and keep it at India gate. Of course, the Defence Minister and the three chiefs will sign it first!

In my opinion, this was the only profound way to dishonor the passing away of India’s greatest soldier.

Is it worth it afterall, being a soldier in this country, I wonder.

3 thoughts on “(Dis)honor

  1. hey , i don’t think anybody cares for the soldiers ..

    if a former PM/President of India would have passed away there would have been a 3 day mourning and the entire bandwagon of higher ups would have attended the funeral ceremony ..

    Having said that I must thank all those who still join the services, hats off to them.. Being from an Army Family, none from my generation has joined it.

  2. It is ok, I dont think it is a big problem. To some extent you are correct, but I also think that as a generation we are obsessed with criticizing government and anything related to that.

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