Viva La Vida — First Impressions

Coldplay’s Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends is a brilliant, extremely likable album. Contrary to Chris Martin’s remarks about this being a departure from what we have known Coldplay to be, it is not as much a “departure”. The band still relies on guitar and piano for most of their music but at times, drums, violin and electric guitar take the front stage. Though the music is still growing on me, “Lost!” is one catchy tune for it’s drums.

Now, this is surelynot a brand new Coldplay we are listening to. This is, in fact, the good old and brilliant Coldplay that has comprehensively delivered a great follow up to “X&Y”. Lets just say, old habits die hard.

Listen to “Viva La..” as a follow up to “X&Y”, or rather don’t over-analyze I say, just listen to it and you won’t be disappointed. More on this later.

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