Not a drop to drink

Saturday morning movie shows, perfect for guys like me. Not many people have the tendency to go all the way, alone, to the most secluded multiplex in the city at 10 am on a Saturday morning to watch a movie. Chronicles of Narnia — Prince Caspian, turned out a decent movie. Nothing great about it though. The usual stuff fantasy movies are made of — talking animals and walking trees.

A little before the show starts, thirst strikes and I am compelled to have a drink of water before I enter the cinema. Except that no one is willing to “give” me water. They’d only sell it. Right from the gatekeeper to the boys behind the two counters, no one thinks that it is possible to have a glass of water. Where would you have a glass of water if you were thirsty, I ask. Blank stares. Here I was, going around asking the support staff for a glass of water. And there they were, adamant that I buy a bottle of Aquafina.

Why should I spend money buying an already overpriced 1 Litre Aquafina bottle when I can do with only a glass of water?

So well, here’s another model of India’s economic development. A glittering example of how every little thing carries a price on itself. Probably a century ago, in the west, things like these must have happened and the society there turned to what we call today “materialistic”. How would ours be any different?

3 thoughts on “Not a drop to drink

  1. cool, Price Caspian is one movie I will watch :) I used to read the Narnia series as a child and loved them a lot. People charge for water here too! but it’s more the exception than the norm. Most places people will be more than happy to give a glass of water or lend their phone without charging for it!

  2. ah , well it was only last week i took a flight (INDIGO) and even there you need to buy a litre of water , they don’t serve you a glass for free ,as the world grows commercial :)

  3. We need to pay a lot of attention to what’s important, permanent, what’s real. With a growing population, there is a growing need for more water delivery and storage.Most of all safe(consumable) water.Probably, we learn to value a thing only when we pay a price for it dearly, and this is also a lesson we must learn.
    What say?

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