In the Black

If you read this, whoever you are, leave a comment. I seem to have trouble figuring out how many people even read this weblog. Have I hit an all time low? Maybe. I feel a shadow of my former self. No, really.

Now, as far as blogging is concerned, instinctive, “at-the-moment” writing is not my cup of tea but come to think of it, that made me a better blogger 4 years back. Maybe I have been taking it too seriously. But then again, talking about my favorite color on the blog is a waste. No one is bothered, no one should be bothered.

I have decided that if writing in me has to stay alive, I will have to write more. They say, if you are uncomfortable doing something, you have to do it more to make things in order. So there. If I am to write more, I know I will end up writing irrelevant and then some “not-so-relevant” things. I think if there is a way ahead, this is it.

As I mentioned, I would need you to comment. I know some people who (used to) read me here but never comment(ed). I know how it seems to be in the black — Can’t see or be seen or whatever. It’s not that good a thing, to be a silent spectator. Its unfair. So speak up, please.

9 thoughts on “In the Black

  1. Well, you know me – and you know I do read your blog.

    A simple word of advice: Write because you want to; because you have something to say. Don’t worry too much about who comes here or what he/she thinks/sees.

  2. Still reading, Adi :) one day you’ll look back on your blog and read the memories of your past.. it’s a lovely diary of life memories..

  3. I read. I posted something similar no one bothered responding (except you, remember?). But now I know exactly who read my blog. Its a small number but I like it that way. Keep writing. :)

  4. hey……
    This is awful,seems like our little friendship had been abandoned.
    But now i am back, right here and reading your words~
    and this will be continued~
    Jiayou!! :)

  5. Writing is communicating. I am sure you would not want to stop communicating now, will you ?
    The ‘principal’ and ‘parent source’ of good writing is GOOD SENSE. Now keep up that GOOD WORK of yours.

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