Push to walk

Sitting in the hospital waiting for the doctor to show up, I see a 2 year old kid walking over across the room to the water cooler. Its with one of those “push-button” taps, which require quite a push to serve water or else give out a few drops if you don’t push hard enough.

While the kid is amused discovering those few drops that came out of nowhere, an old man, one in his late 60s, comes and takes the kid away from the tap, much to the protest of the kid.

A few minutes later, the kid is at the tap again. The old man comes back too. The cries and the protests of the kid notwithstanding, the man does what he thinks he should do.

And a few minutes later, again.

A 60 something man. A 2 year old Kid. And the stubborn resistance of the human mind.

An hour later, a girl who seems 2 years old or so, walks to the water cooler and tries to push the tap again. And while she’s at it, her mother does something that takes the girl by surprise. She holds the girl by the shoulders and amidst wild protests by the kid, walks her back to the seat.

One thought on “Push to walk

  1. Sad none of them helped the kids see how the tap is operated and how water comes, or even given some water… Remember it’s with these experiences that the children grow up…

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