There was a time, in this very house in Goa, I used to listen to my walkman when the power used to go off. The “power-going-off” apparently, happens rather usually here. And when its a dark and gloomy evening like what it is now, there was no question of electricity. So, in those days not so long back, I used to take out the tapes from my travel luggage that I used to carry along from Indore. In a way it was funny because I always thought that my walkman would not be of use while I’d be at home in Goa. We had an audio CD player at home and walkman was for students who used to travel in second class coaches in trains and spend their lives in a single room, studying for nights, while during college days.

So the U2s and the Robbie Williams used to come out and since there was no power, saving the power contained in those batteries added to the objective, even if it meant pushing the end of a Reynold’s 045 Fine Carbure pen into one of the tape’s reels and rotate it endlessly, one way or the other, depending on what you wanted to do — Rewind or Fast Forward.

6 years later, nothing much has changed. I don’t do that tape thing anymore. But I do open up my IBM Thinkpad, connect it to my nokia mobile phone, download my email, write on my blog and download a podcast. The power is still not there and its raining heavily outside. It never rains in Goa in November, let alone a day before Deepawali.

This could be the Monsoon’s swan song but it has reminded me of the many days that I have spent here, rewinding the tape with a Reynold’s pen.

3 thoughts on “Rewinding

  1. Hey .. I remember getting my first walkman an AIWA one from a grey market(we wouldnt get them here in India) , more than a decade back as a bday present .It had inbuilt speakers as well .. I still have it , though don’t use it . It had been my travelling companion till Discman and then IPOD took over. I still use my tapes in my car deck that has been upgraded to a CD player/Mp3 player.

    These days its either listening to music online/on the laptop or on the worldspace receiver while in a static state else its the ipod.. Love the convenience of the ipod, only till about an year back I would carry atleast a case full of CDs and earlier a bunch of tapes on the road but these days its just a small ipod that fits into my pocket. Love it!!

    Your post also reminds me of the old vinyl records that we had as a kid growing up , even before tapes arrived .. my mum still has them.. I still love those records more than my ipod:)

  2. that was a very good one.. I have done this task of rewinding/forwarding an audio cassette with a reynolds pen (the blue cap and white body one) :) How much of our childhood experience we have forgotten due the technology advances !!! phew. thanks for reminding those lovely days of walkmans, audio cassettes. I still remember exchanging audio cassettes on a friday with classmates in school when our teachers werent watching :)

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