lonely post

For all i know, i have lived one third of my life already. And i am to spend the rest of my life with you. And yet, i do not have any idea whatsoever, of where you are. Not suprising though, that this thought hit me in the middle of a rainy night, while i lay alone, wishing that i could put things in perspective – one of them being my quest to find you. And find you i will.

4 thoughts on “lonely post

  1. And not knowing will make the ‘finding’ a journey even as you aim for a destination where to end it.

    May the bird fly with you and keep you company.

  2. we come alone and go back alone though we alwaz find someone in dis journey called life,its jus dat we don’t need to go hunting for them. may that companion walk soon into your life
    God Bless!
    keep the faith alive :)

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