Chok de India

In a self-service restaurant while I waited for my order, a 30 something man wearing a t-shirt which says:

“Wife is like fire. Girlfriend is like water.”

Whatever that means.

Not far away, another gentleman sporting a t-shirt with the message:

“I can give headache to aspirin.”



You notice the cricketers introducing themselves on TV before they come on to bat during a live match? It goes like, “[Name]. Age [X]. Right Hand Batsman. Left Hand Bowler.” One of them never fails to amuse me — The one of England captain Paul Collingwood. It goes like – “Paul Collingwood. Right hand bat. Right hand fast bowler.”

Notice anything peculiar?


Talking more about the England tour, our fielding standards (and mind you we didn’t have them much high) have gone down. Now that makes life a little tougher for Robin Singh, the fielding coach who is on his first assignment. I admire the man for the fielding standards he raised during his days as a player in the team and this despite the fact that he was one of the oldest guys around. So I wonder how he must be cursing in frustration in the pavilion while out there basic fielding practices are fast becoming a rarity. I just hope that its because of that slippery ball in those overcast conditions.


Got a text message the other day on the eve of the 4th ODI against England. While India was struggling to put runs on the board, the same morning media reported that Chak De India! had had a positive effect on the team. Only that it was nowhere to be seen now. Someone at cricinfo was quick to snap: “Chok de India!”.

One thought on “Chok de India

  1. Hi,

    First past is funny, and I think those introduction by the players are even more. They all look idiots and feels like they are doing mockery of their own self in mirror. Who ever brought this dumb idea must be real stupid. These are sportsmen, they are not show-biz performers to introduce themselves in dude style.

    Has anybody seen Roger Moore introducing himself in the titles of 007 movie? How about Ronaldo?


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