Lift kara de

In the midst of a phase of life where everything apart from your profession takes a backseat, I am trying hard to balance out things here. Since “instinctive” writing is not my way, the only thoughts that inspire me to write something here occur to me while I am at work. One such observation here — about the people I come across while traversing across the four floors in my office. These are the people I meet in the lift (or elevator, as the Americans say):

1. They wait without patience at the lift lobby and as soon as the lift door opens, try to barge in — without realizing that there could be people in the lift who may want to come out. Not surprisingly, they keep colliding with people.

2. These people go together, mostly two in a group. They are so much into the discussion that once inside the lift they forget that they have to go somewhere and do not press any floor button. Minutes could go before wisdom dawns.

3. Then there are the over-cautious ones who always want to make sure if the lift is going in the direction they intend to go. Funny, when on the top floor, they ask the occupants — “Sure this is going down?”.

4. In contrast to the last type, these people enter the lift simply assuming that the lift is going in the direction they want it to go. Once inside they realise that they have reached the 4th floor instead of the 2nd.

5. The last kind, once in the lift, are usually deep into a thought process. Lift stops and they get out. It is later that they find out that its not where they wanted to be.

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  1. haha ahhahaha .. thats quite true!! got reminded of an email fwd that says 101 things to do when you are inside a lift :)

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