The Dilemma

I arrive at the local shopping complex, like I do every evening. A huge chunk of my time here will be spent on deciding what to have for dinner. The usual choices — North Indian, South Indian, Pasta, Soup and bun with cheese, Chinese and what not. The everyday riddle. I have to ponder on these thoughts everyday ever since my regular dine-in place closed down (reason being, of all things, that their cook ran away). And then everyday I promise myself that a permanent solution needs to come out, and will come out. I can’t eat here so often. But for now, standing outside this “costly” restaurant, my dilemma prevails.

Meanwhile there is crowd gathered outside the Sony showroom. In India, if you ever see a crowd gathered outside an electronics showroom, you can be sure a cricket match is on. During my student days, it was common for me to be a part of a mob like this. A closer look reveals that Sehwag is on 99. His highest ODI score in almost 2 years. It’s 9:15 in the night, time for the showroom to shut shop. One of the two shutters is put down, thereby reducing the viewing area by half. The large group of people unsettles and regroups to the other half of the viewing area. Sehwag still on 99. In the showroom, a man on the other side of the glass pane comes into picture, intending to put down the last remaining shutter. He notices the large mob on the other side and puts on a weak smile. Sign language comes into action and the man is told to wait. It’s more of an order than a request. There is a talk in the crowd of the batsman throwing it all away. And why not, considering his antics in the past, its a possibility that can’t be ruled out. It could be the dilemma of the moment as it overwhelms the mob, and many mobs like these all over the country, the team in the pavilion and possibly even those two batsman in the middle. Three balls later, the swashbuckling batsman scores another run which is, in all probabilities, his most awaited run since the last two years. Later, Sehwag would go on to say that he never “lost sleep” over his lack of form. Well, with his track record, he should have.

The mob erupts into accolade. The “weak-quality-of-opposition’s-bowling-attack” argument notwithstanding, this has been a dilemma they have been happy to get away with. The shutters of the Sony showroom are finally down and I am left with the everyday dilemma of what to have for dinner.

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  1. itz hard to live alone but then everything in life doesn’t come easy… and xprimental cookin at timez not a bad idea to try at timez..

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