As I write this, India has just won their first ever Twenty game.

It finishes within 4 hours, a timespan little over than a Bollywood flick, provides a carnival like atmosphere for the players and spectators, a high degree of excitement. They say that this game could be the future of Cricket. All said and done, I think that would be jumping to conclusions. But who knows — better would be to wait and watch.

I just hope that don’t overdo it and make it like present one-day cricket. Too much of this would kill the excitement. The game I just witnessed was taken lightly, by the spectators and it appeared to me, by the cricketing teams as well.

Cricket, I think they’ve (We’ve?) made it too serious. Too much analysis, too much news, things blown out of proportion back home in India. There are problems, and serious problems of course, but it goes a little overboard at times. This new format brings out a message, clear and simple: Keep the seriousness for the One-Dayers and the Tests. Let things loose for Twenty20 and when this is played between a high-pressure one day series, it brings just the respite to the players. Point is, this will taste best when used as a catalyst.

Now coming to ESPN’s splendid coverage of the game. The most interesting part of the whole setup was the captain conversing with the commentator, while fielding and managing things. Imagine Sehwag, talking on your television while he is fielding at the slips. He was practically shouting and meanwhile revealing how they address each other — “Zaaki”, “Mongi” and “Irfaan”. Then said, “Would be great to get one more wicket here, Ravi” and just then was Kemp out and there was that exulting shout.

I just hope that this is the win that gets the team together. It’s incredible how much difference a win can make, especially after a string of losses. Just after the win, they spoke to Sreesanth, Irfan and Karthik on the field. Small conversations, at different times, with each of these players. What interesting was that they all conveyed one point — that may this be the win that gets things going. I just got a feeling, somewhere these guys really want to get things going, (as they put it) and they are feeling the heat, the past few months have been pinching them hard.

A good game of cricket, after a long time. Not just because they won, but more because they fought for it.

Meanwhile, travelling time. I am off to Kolkata and then to Orissa for a week.

Just out and roaming.

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