Together for Panjim

Tourists to Goa are amazed by the beauty of the place. Actually, it’s not just the tourists who are amazed, it’s residents like me too.

It’s a privilege to live in Goa.

Most tourists do not realise, it is not just the beaches that make the beauty of Goa. One of the most important ingredients of the Goan experience is the neatness itself. There is an effort that the citizens and the Government collectively undertake to keep the cities clean and neat. I have lived in cities all over India and Panjim has to be the cleanest city I have ever seen. It is not that the municipality workers work overtime to make it what it is. It is an example of how a city could be, if residents take care of it.

And this effort, it has a name. It’s called “Together for Panjim“. It has worked for the city.

That is not to say that there is no scope for improvement. But mostly, it is a city you could photograph in any nook and corner and love the end result. Just like the pictures I took last month, which I post below.

My suggestion: If you really want to enjoy the city, don’t ride. Take time out and walk.

Meanwhile, the pictures:

More Panjim!


Panjim, city old bridge

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