91 all out

If I were not a cricket fan, I would laugh at all the cricket promos that go on the TV. The “blue billions”, the ones which promise you taking to the World Cup and especially the one which increases your prepaid mobile phone balance when India wins.

And then, I would pity the cricket fans. I would look at them, for the poor souls that they are, foolish people who stay awake half past midnight, very well aware that they have to report at work in the morning, only to see their team go from one defeat to another and in the process getting bundled to “lowlies” like 91 runs.

But I can’t, since I am one.

Tell me if I am wrong, but I am tempted to think if the last one dayer was not poured over by the Gods, we would be 0-2 by now. The Gods have been with us, for the most part of the season. When they haven’t been, there’s been sunshine and the results have been for you and me to see.

I could have written this tomorrow. New morning, a new day, new thoughts, the best time to write. But I write this half past 1 AM, for humiliation tastes best when fresh.

You know, the problem is not with defeat. I am not against the idea of getting defeated. The problem lies in the manner of achieving, (yes, we are achieving) defeat.

Barring a couple of players, the willingness to go on is absent. Their eyes are cold and don’t talk, just like their bats. Look for yourself, it’s not much difficult in this age of zoom cameras.

I just hope our so called heroes in South Africa realise this. I wish they loose sleep too, just like their fans.

If you are to feed me with defeats, I ask you to put a topping of Grace on it.

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