I always thought that since I hardly ever speed when I ride, I could stay away from accidents. But this is Bangalore. This careless pedestrian, a seemingly well educated man in his 20s, let me have this terrible accident that I have just had, rendering my right arm, well, unusable for at least a few days.

I fell on the road, upfront. By the impact with the pedestrian (who fortunately, got no injuries, but I hated when later he smiled to me and said ‘sorry’), my scooter went down before me. My body went on, came to a screeching halt on the rough road about two meters ahead of the point of impact. A matter of three seconds, and I was blinded with shock. I was unaware of everything, but it was not a void. I had seen a car coming from the opposite direction and at the end of the third second, when I realised what had happened, I had a feeling it was only a matter of a moment and this car could be, would be over me. Not a matter of if, but when. I tried to get up, but my body failed to respond.

The mob that had gathered helped me to come over it. People were talking to me and I can’t even recall the language they spoke. Someone pointed at the right arm, a part of it covered with blood. My mind failed to register the pain. The damn thing registers the pain now. and how.

I saw death today. Up, Close and trust me, very, very Personal.

I can’t even change my shirt. Another disadvantage of staying alone, but well, I guess, one more learning experience neverthless.

To the few readers I have, you have to excuse me for a few days. It might be a week or so before you hear from me again. But I’m alive and kicking.

7 thoughts on “Alive

  1. :O Adi! omg….. wow its so lucky you wern’t hurt more.. thank god :)
    Please recover well and my thoughts and prayers are with you

  2. Hey, that’s too bad! I’m glad you weren’t more badly hurt, but I’m sorry it was as bad as it was. Do you really want to be driving a scooter about?

  3. Aditya, good, it wasn’t very serious. I have had two such falls from my scooter. One here and another earlier in Hyderabad.

    Here, I was moving from the untarred portion of the road to the tarred, slightily elevated, portion of the road, near ESI Hospital at Indiranagar. The front wheel went over, but not the back one, which skidded on the tar pebbles. I lost balance and fell. When I looked around, there was an Ambassador car that had stopped well in time. I sprained my left arm. I was out of action for two weeks.

    Earlier, in Hyderabad, I was knocked down by a small portion of a mattress that was protruding out of an autorickshaw when it overtook me very close. It was a busy area near Lakadi-ka-pul. Fortunately there were no buses or any other heavy vehicles coming behind me. I had a hair-line fracture on my left ankle. I was out of action for a month.

    Let’s count our blessings!

    Get well soon…

  4. Yep, that Anonymous up there was me! Sorry, I must have messed up badly, I can’t believe I did that. So again, do you really want to be driving a scooter about?

  5. [Anonymous/Dilip] And you left me thinking who this anonymous commenter was! But yes, I could be more badly hurt, it was my good fortune that saved me! Do I want to be driving a scooter about? It is said it is safer in a car but I really cant be sure, I have seen much worse happen to people driving cars. Being a pedestrian isnt safe too — While I was walking, I was hit a couple of times by people on bikes! Bangalore could do with a LOT of traffic manners classes!

    [Pradeep] Though you were out of action for a couple of weeks and then for a month respectively, I think it could have been much more serious. This I gather from what you have described here! My case was very similar to the mattress knocking you down..I mean, there is nothing that you can do in these cases, you are taken by shock and there is not one thing that you could have done to prevent it. As you said, count the blessings!

    Thank you for ALL your wishes..I am well but the arm is still under wraps and will be so for maybe one more week. But at home, its much better!

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