Tough Times

A little more than 3 months ago, the company I worked for, had worked for since I started working, filed for bankruptcy. The organization was based in America and we had a setup in Bangalore which allowed us to work from here.

Sitting here in Bangalore, I was told, in a chat window, that the company had closed down. Everyone had resigned there. As I said, we had an arrangement with a company in Bangalore, a rather complicated one, though I could not care less about it at that time for I still could come to office. The new thing, of course, was that I had no work and no salary. With me, in the same boat was another friend. Our lives, as they say, were screwed up.

And so began a new test of our lives. A test that would go on for almost two months. We had no money. We had no savings, surprising since we were never the pub-going kinds. And its hard to ask cash from home once you start maintaining your own life. Movies came and went but we never visited the cinema. We spent our weekends at home. We delayed all our bill payments as much as we could and sometimes it got embarrassing. I had no money to pay for the hosting fees for this website. I did not pay my cell phone bill and I used to get those messages — the one which threaten disconnection with nice words (“The amount due is xxxx, we value your association”).

A few cheques got dishonored and so did I.

I could never imagine that all I had worked for would go down like that. Who would have thought that an association spanning more than a couple of years would be terminated in a chat window? And that one day it would be an unending source of embarrassment was unthinkable.

That was the hardest thing to swallow. Not the money, not the absence of work. It was what we got in return for our loyalty.

Some people who knew about it helped me with their soothing words at that time. They did not know the exact picture, they don’t know about it even now but they knew I was in deep trouble. That they were concerned about it was evident in their emails, their phone calls, their text messages. I want to thank all of them for that. To everyone who emailed, to everyone who paid for the coffee. They know who they are.

Things changed for the better after some time. But, for my vocation, it is yet to recover from this debacle. Maybe now, a part of it is my fault. Things are yet to be in total control but I think it would be okay in some time. This time, though, I stand alone.

6 thoughts on “Tough Times

  1. Hey keep your head up – I know I have no idea of what it would be like, but if you can face it with a smile I guess it will at least feel a little better. I hope everything gets better for you Adi :)

  2. Dont want to sound nonchalant or impervious to what you’ve gone through, but probably the only piece of silver-lining (as they say) that you can derive from this experience is what you’ve learnt, how you’ve learnt it and how such an event has prepared you in the life to come (or your career). Hope you are doing better now. All the best.

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