I hate this so called “Third World”

What does Preity Zinta say on The BBC? She says “India needs some simple things so that it would not remain a third-world country anymore”.

Sometime in first half of the last century, someone in England came up with a term that conveniently described all the undeveloped countries. It summarised the poverty, the illiteracy, the inhumane conditions and all the bad things the west can think about into this new word and a makeshift new world, it was called “The Third World”.

Our leaders chose to call it “Developing Countries”. That’s a term less harsh, but that is it.

I don’t believe in this “Third World” concept. I think it was very convenient for some. It still is. But I like to think that there is no “Second” or “Third” world.

There is only one World.

Till the time this word is used in the context mentioned above, I must say, there remains a truth to be accepted, a reality to be braved and work to be done.

You, me and Preity Zinta stay in the same world. If you accept the existence of The Third World, what is the difference then, between you and the person who invented this term?

Things have to start changing first in the minds of people. People not in the west, but people right here.

4 thoughts on “I hate this so called “Third World”

  1. Film celebrity with inadequate cerebral grey matter. I think its just a mindset in my opinion, because there is no standard measuring parameter/scale for a developed country as opposed to a developing nation. And yes, we have a LONG way to go to even call ourselves a developed nation.

  2. I could be wrong but I seem to remember learning in History class ages ago that the term Third World was used initally to describe countries not involved in the Cold War divide…countries not aligned to either the US or the Soviet.

  3. [aidid] Very True. But this term has been mostly usedin the context I mentioned about in the post. The internet is full of examples in this regard. However, you may be interested to read this and this.

    ps: When I wrote this post, Wikipedia said (and still claims) this term to be coined in 1952. But according to what I know, the origins date back well before that.

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