It’s because he is Human

Excerpts from this very touching article at Cricinfo. The link is all over it:

Tendulkar looked briefly like he was on the road to redemption. He wasn’t supposed to get out to a 37-year-old, balding off-spinner, nicknamed Shaggy, with a Test bowling average of 92.

And some more:

This series has changed all that. Tendulkar has been human. And to the followers of English cricket, pretty much for the first time.

Tendulkar, caught Bell, bowled Udal. Who would have thought? But there it is, in the scorebook. Forever.

One thought on “It’s because he is Human

  1. Not sure we can use the “he is human” card with Tendulkar anymore. Too much of everything is bad and I guess it is time to draw the line for the so called “God” of indian cricket. Being a devoted Tendulkar fan, I must say, he has transformed himself from being an agressor, dominator to an accumalator. As Kurt Kobain once said … “Its better to burn out than to fade away”

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