When Rohan Sippy spoke to Truman

So when I asked him, the director of Bluffmaster, on the chat at rediff, exactly why did he work in a coffee shop in New York, I expected a better answer. Something like, maybe he wanted to see how it feels to work in a coffee shop in NY, to meet new people or to have a feel of the city probably because the city has inspired him all his life (Typical Bollywood).

The answer was, well, he just wanted to earn some money. How boring.

And before I could tell him that my friends did not like his movie, he was gone.

But since I have not seen the movie as yet, I shall not (try to) be prejudiced. I am optimistic about the movie for many reasons, one of them is this.

Mine is the second last question, here.

4 thoughts on “When Rohan Sippy spoke to Truman

  1. Truman thanks for linking to my review:-)
    I hope you enjoy the movie as well, don’t go with raised hopes though;-)
    It’s got pretty mixed reviews.

  2. so he worked for money like everyone ..how enlightening..lol..btw
    bluffmaster is a good movie, it wont bore you and if you have been
    thru tortures like neal n nikki then its a very good movie

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