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Okay, a couple of things here.

For good writing lovers, check Outlook Magazine’s 10 years: anniversary special.

It has columns by Pankaj Mishra, Tarun Tejpal (of tehelka.com), Sagarika Ghose , Pico iyer, Sham Lal, Khushwant Singh and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to name a few.

And trust me on this, at Rs 15, it’s a steal.


Secondly, for all those lucky souls who have not upgraded their “yahoo messenger” to the new, “yahoo messenger with voice”- please stay away from this new version. It has lots of bugs. To name a few:

1. Sign in, Sign off and then Sign in again- and zap, the application crashes. I have checked this on both WinXP and Windows 2000 machines.

2. Late message delivery. The messages, for some strange reason, are not delivered on time. It takes a while for the message to appear on the other side. It is not because of any firewalls, routers etc because till last month when I was using the old messenger, anything like this never came up.

Now, you might ask how do I know that the messages are sent late.

I talk with my colleagues on Instant messengers all the time, even though they are seated a couple of feet away from me.

7 thoughts on “A quick post

  1. i know..yahoo mesg with voice really sux..in fact i am a big fan of the old ym where you used to get a message saying that so and so is currently typing a mesg..:)

    Hey thanks for bringing that to my notice..will buy a copy as soon as i get my hands on one..

  2. You bet, Aditya, Outlook’s anniversary issue is real steal at Rs 15. I was so surprised
    that it is being sold at that price. Wonderful read. That opening piece Vinod Mehta is
    real good. Of course as you said a whole lot of articles. A collector’s issue.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion on Outlook 10 year special. After reading about it here, I went and bought it. And you are absolutely right – it is a collector’s issue and a steal for the price it came for.

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