When Truman was a little boy

Thanks to Google Earth and the satellite up above, I was literally able to locate my home, the one I spent my childhood in. This was off-shore Bombay and a place so serene that you have to be a part of it to imagine it. I stayed here for 6 years and at the end of it I had travelled more on sea than land.



And of course, below is the magnificent Bombay. Seen from 22000 feet above.


5 thoughts on “When Truman was a little boy

  1. @Uma- Thanks for dropping by! Am glad you liked it.

    @Tugga: Hmm… not Uran exactly. It almost took 30 mins by bus from Uran. It was a Naval Station. You know about Uran?

  2. Yeah mate, am a Mumbaikar/Bombayite, whichever way u look at it. Had a couple of relative sstaying over in Uran, so u could say I know abt Uran:-)

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