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The fact that I have been writing a lot about Cricket might have surprised my old readers since this is not a subject I usually mention on my blog. But frankly, the game and it’s proceedings have never been this interesting since a long, long time. So I am giving into the temptation.

The Chappell-Ganguly row that has followed after the Indian Team debacle(s), what can I say, it all seems like a movie script so well written. Perfect execution by the characters involved, of course. All the experience gained in show business came in handy, afterall.

cheap rhetoric.

Cricinfo has the full story here.

And my letter to the editor, Cricinfo, below.

Dear Editor,

After reading CricInfo’s full story the confusion is no more and I
believe it is up to us, the readers, to arrive at a rational

It’s a case of arousing sympathy. The coach was projected as the
villain here. If you take a closer look and think about it you will
see that what Chappell has done here is given it straight to Ganguly.
He has spoken those words to him which the media has only been
whispering about. Once confronted with a situation akin to a child
facing his strict father, Ganguly has come out complaining about it
expecting sympathy by projecting the coach as a villain.

Chappell is new to this place, this whole cricket system of our
country. He could be given the benefit of doubt here. But Chappell or
no Chappell, Certainly, Ganguly is at fault. He is an experienced
campaigner, has lead India for 5 years now and he should know well the
consequences of washing dressing room’s dirty linen in public. By
going to the media, he has behaved like a spoiled child.

But I wonder, if India would have been touring Australia now (and not
Zimbabwe or the likes) and if Ganguly would have been confronted with
the same situation, would he have gone to the media? Would he have
made a hundred in the first place?

I doubt it.

Good day ahead,

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