The Aftermath: Media Excerpts from Down Under and England

As expected, the Australian Team is facing the heat down under. Opinion seems to be divided- on one hand we have greats like Dennis Lillee, Ian Chappell and Michael Slater asking for Buchanan’s removal and on the other hand we have former Captain, Mark Taylor, who believes Ricky has “generally” done well with the captaincy. Meanwhile, Buchanan is busy finding silver lining(s) in the recent defeats here.

Jason Gillespie intends to go back to the basics of bowling, train hard and come back fine, afterall, “it’s not rocket science”. More here. By the way, can he take Zaheer Khan and Agarkar with him, too?

If the Australians were good, England were better. But here’s the fine print- the Australians were not good all the time. They did not play their usual brand of cricket and they know it. Slip-ups by the Australians have happened, there is no denying that fact. The nervousness is there to see.

The English press is celebrating and how. The Telegraph is offering a “Ashes Heroes” DVD for free to it’s readers. Now rare moments of Hoggard hitting a boundary and Ricky Ponting’s clueless face expressions at office will be revived on home television.

[The Sun: Cover]

[The Mirror: Cover]

On a more serious note, Coach Fletcher warns the English team to not to let it go to their heads. Mirror reports here.

I guess the best way to look at the English celebrations is through pictures. CricInfo helps me out here.

Image hosted by
[Above: In Australia, Ponting isn’t able to hide his nervous moments…]

[…While the English Captain catches with sleep at work!]

[Above: Vaughan, Pietersen and Flintoff celebrate on the bus ride]

[…and Flintoff can’t stop smiling!]

I wish I could find a picture of Michael Atherton, the former English Captain, smiling at the presentation ceremony- I have never seen him smile so much!

Signing off, for now.

6 thoughts on “The Aftermath: Media Excerpts from Down Under and England

  1. Judging photos of the English players they drank themselves silly :P pathetic!

    Maybe Ajit should carry the Adelaide pitch with him wherever he wants to play.. that was the one time I remember him being devastating :) (I’m a bit of a fan of his.. and have to clue as to why!)

    The Ashes defeat is being taken so seriously here in Aus, that they are even discussing it in parliment..It’s cool to live in a sports-mad country :)

  2. Hey Truman,
    Good coverage:-)It’s
    great that you have given the due credit and reference to the reports.
    The Indian media could take a few lessons from you., TOI and HT carried the same match report of the 5th day of the last Ashes test in the exact same words and did not give the due credit to the writer who wrote it! Surely three people can’t think alike in the exact same words!

  3. @Mary: In the end you mentioned the bright side! Sports-mad Country!

    @Dinesh: :)

    @Minal: Thank you for your kind words. But there is something that I wish to tell you- you mentioned Indian websites and newspapers printing the same news, word by word. If I am correct, usually, these publications have only once source and that is the PTI- The Press Trust of India. PTI is the news agency which sources out. That is why we see many times that the quotations are the same in different writeups.

  4. I don’t know if I missed that. But in couple of ones I definitely did not see PTI and found it rather unusual. But you are right, you got a point:-)

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