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Wassssup Mr Chief Minister?

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Saw this sticker on the back of a car. It said:

“Mr Chief Minister…
What about the work on the Airport Road Flyover?”

Since the last 2 years, the flyover has been as is- no work whatsoever. The road crossing there which normally should not take more than 6-7 minutes by car in normal traffic usually renders the car useless. It’s better off walking there. Meanwhile, hope is there since the work resumed last month.

One more incident. Yesterday while our CM was touring Jayanagar in an Air Conditioned Bus, a group of ladies came in the way and stopped the bus. Their demand? “Let the CM out. Let him come out and walk with us on this road.” A heavy rainy day and all we have here is just mud.

I have lived in so many cities across India, but this has the worst infrastructure. Hell, it seems the Government is adamant to keep it that way.

More examples?

The 80 Ft road in Koramangala- this long road is the main road in this part of the city and all we had there till 2 months back was a mixture of stones and sand. Then they fixed it- only a temporary solution as now I see that the road is rapidly coming back to it’s “usual self” and driving regularly on it could cut the lifespan of the tyres by half besides testing the driver’s driving skills. We have a dirt-road adventure, right in the middle of the city. Or for that matter, anywhere in the city for it is the same story on every road.

And here comes the biggie- Sometime before March of this year, the World Bank (YES, the WORLD BANK) paid BMC for the funding of not just this road, but all the Bangalore Roads under the Karnataka Municipal Reforms Project. (Did you notice? We have a State level reforms project going on since the last 8 months. Did you know that?) Where has all the money gone? In the potholes?

But yes, work for the malls, which are coming up like wild mushrooms, never stops. There is one opening up just opposite to “The Forum” mall. Who needs roads? Who needs a better drainage system? So what if we spend 1 hour, one way, reaching the office because of the traffic? Who cares if Azim Premji himself goes on record calling Bangalore a national calamity? We need our malls. We need those escalator clad, centrally air-conditioned malls.

Later I came to know about this. The source of the “Wasssup?” stickers.

Written by aditya kumar

September 7th, 2005 at 1:21 am

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  1. Somehow when it comes to maintaining public property we lack way behind. As far as I have seen Mumbai pune highway is the only highway which has barely managed to mantiain its quality. Reason ? the whooping
    toll the vehicles pay to use it.


    7 Sep 05 at 2:04 pm

  2. The source of the Whassup sticker link doesn’t work.

    I agree, it is a mystery where all the money goes.


    8 Sep 05 at 8:07 pm

  3. The link doesn’t seem to be going to the right page (but it does take you to the PAC site, which is great)…

    Every wondered where the infrastructure toll on petrol goes?


    8 Sep 05 at 8:34 pm

  4. There is a lot of flak the CMs getting. I guess the his ‘slumber’ mode is
    never going to end. Hope these kinda stickers wake up the authorities.


    8 Sep 05 at 8:44 pm

  5. @Viewer: I do not think maintaining a Highway is the State government’s responsibility. I do not know, I am not sure. I may be wrong. Does anybody know?

    @Sujatha and S: Oh thanks for pointing it out.. the link is working fine now.. Sorry, my bad

    @Dinesh: Stickers wont wake authorities, rest assured. I do not think they are meant for that. I guess they are meant for waking us- many of us are still oblivious to all that what is going around. A good example is here itself, if I would not have seen the sticker, I would not have posted about it. The other message the sticker is conveying is of the agony within the residents of the city. Imagine the magnitude of the trouble caused because of the incomplete work which has led a group of people to broadcast a message by sticking it behind the car. We talk about being a developed country by 2020 and right now we cant even give basic things to our people. Its ironical.

    Btw, anyone from publishing/journalism background here? A little help needed.


    8 Sep 05 at 11:01 pm

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