Rush Hush to Goa

While formulating a rush hush travelling plan, the last 30 hours or so I had kept for my home- Goa. I came from Bombay, via the Konkan rail route. I took the KonkanKanya express from Bombay VT which began its journey at 11 in the night. As I woke up at Ratnagiri around 6:30 next morning, the landscape that I got to witness was one comprising of bright green lands and trees been sprinkled over by the mountain rains. I have travelled for about 3 years in the same route but have not been lucky enough to watch this treat, which happens every monsoon here. But a little more of these rains, accidents start to happen and the trains start getting cancelled.

Downtown Panjim

This is my second day at Goa and rains have been drenching this land since I came in its vicinity. There is no question of sunlight. The only thing that has changed since my arrival here is the rain frequency and kind. Small rain, Big rain, Angled rain and what not. In the night, the toads and crickets add the chorus while the rain does its usual batter on my home’s roof with varying intensity. The roads are lush green on the sides, in the middle the asphalt shines as it is washed with water from above. The car wipers are working overtime. As I drive by the city of Panjim, the sea on my right is brown. In fact, almost Red. The thickness of the waves has increased by folds since I last saw the sea. Warnings are issued by the state government to stay away from the waves. The newspapers have reported almost a flood like situation in some parts of the state. I have just seen, the sea is red with anger.

Towards NH-17. Porvarim bridge over Mandovi river in the background

Today is my birthday. A brief celebration and I will be off to Bangalore in a few hours. Tomorrow is another day and I will be back at work. But this trip has been worth it. I have travelled closed to 2700 KMs in the last 4 days. I have covered 2 magnificent cities that mean a lot to me. I have been able to meet some close friends and also meet my family. But, I have travelled alone. (Which, contrary to popular belief, I have enjoyed.)

Going out of Panjim, towards Madgaon

3 thoughts on “Rush Hush to Goa

  1. I really wish I were there too. I’m sure you had a nice time and I’m so envious of you. And don’t forget the cakes… :)

  2. BTW belated happy bday:) I am glad u had a nice trip,
    Life is limping back here in mumbai. Lots of wrok load due to the
    the bad weather conditions effecting the productivity in the last 3 days and still having problems, mail me if u get time

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