I do not know if this is true for you, but have you ever wondered and noticed that there are some people (in the media) whom you have seen all your life? From your earliest memories to this day- these “stars” have ACTUALLY been there, entertaining you? Can you imgaine how would it be when they go away, fade out? Will you miss them, in one way or the other?

Having difficulty in understanding what I am saying? Ok, I will give you some examples. For any 20-something year old person, I feel these are some of the people who have always been a part of the media:

1> Sachin Tendulkar: Since I have been watching cricket, he is playing.
2>Juhi Chawla: She is gorgeous! and the best part is, she never seems to age !! yesterday I watched 3 deewarein. and what a movie it is. I saw juhi perform after soo many years and at the moment she doesnt even look a wee bit different !!!
3>Bryan Adams: his music, his face, his voice- just the same as it was when I first heard him.

There are many people like that. Somehow somewhere, they are a part of our life. Because they have been there, we dont notice them. We will only notice this fact once they retire from their profession. Hats off, to these entertainers!

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