I despise it when people call computer programmers “nerds” or “computer-worms” or any similar thing for that matter. Staring at the computer screen all days and speaking a jargon which is understood by less does not make anyone a nerd. Anf furthermore, I really dont like it when these same people close themselves so much that a simple thing related to computer technology, which is easy to explain in plain english- is not listened to by them just because they think its too “techie” and hence it would go over their heads.

We are computer programmers. If we do not “stare” at the computer all day we wont be working. Programming and computing is our bread and butter. We have studied and struggled to be where we are, just like all of you economists, artists, scientists and jouralists. Our profession is no different in terms of struggles and the fight we put up – its just like all of you.

Computing and Programming is a science, just like chemistry and physics. The only difference I can think of is that it is much more diverse and complexities are at the core. ( I am not saying that chemistry and physics are less-complex per se) Its just that the term “nerd” and “geek” attributes more easily to computing, which I think is wrong.

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