To start with, I think I ought to tell everyone about myself. I am Aditya Kumar. My ID on rediff is truman. I had made this ID in the starting days of It was inspired by the main character “truman burbank” of the movie “The Truman Show”. It may sound suprising, but before the movie was released, all through my childhood I had always felt that I was being watched and it was “telecasted” somewhere “outside” one way or the other. So when Truman Show came, I thought, “Hey, thats exactly my idea!” and add to it, I had lived that idea all my life. I still do. Who knows, while I am typing this, you people are watching me somewhere. (!!!) But seriously, I do not think so strongly about this idea as I did 5 years ago.

I am a computer programmer and I am 22 years old. I completed my 12th in 1998 from New Delhi. My father is in the Indian Navy so we always moved around India. Till now, we have been posted to Vizag, Goa, Karanja (off Bombay), New Delhi, and Goa again. My school days at Karanja were good in terms of academics. But as soon as I left the place for Delhi I found it extremely difficult to adjust myself there. My academics went down and I struggled badly, for the rest of my 4 years in school. During that time, I came to terms with myself- that I was not as good in studies as I was in my childhood.

I have always been a loner. I never had friends in school. One of the reasons was my fathers frequent postings but the major reason was me, myself. I was (and am) a quiet person. And when I have tried to come over it, I have falled hard. Being free (read normal) with speech is something I have tried many times and given up. Due to this, I did not have a normal childhood. My social life has always been very very limited. Anyway, due to the bad times and experiences with people in my childhood itself, I became more quiet and “scared”. I spent most of my time reading books and drawing. Later when I grew up, poetry and writing were added to the list.

Besides my family, the only good thing about my childhood was the Navy. I grew up between Ships and submarines. For me, there was no other career option other than the Indian Navy. By 13, I had memorized most of the ship classes and the ship numbers of the Bombay Naval Base fleet.
But I never tried for the navy. When it mattered the most, Navy was not an option for me. I think, one of the reasons for this was that by the time I was in a position to decide my career, we were in New Delhi and it had been 4 years leaving Bombay. I had lost my touch and lost the ingredients needed to drive a passion.

I had decided to persue Computer Science after my school and it was a decision taken totally based on the passion I had developed for the computer field. In a way, Navy’s loss was Computer’s gain. I never took up Computer Science because it was the “in-thing” then. I should say, most people at that time I knew took up the subject because it was the “in-thing”. Because it had money. If I would have been interested being an railway engine driver or for that matter anybody-in-any-field at that time, I would have gladly persued my dream, though my mother would have had different ideas about my career. And surely some strong comments about me being an engine driver.

So here I am. I took up BCA from Indore and MCM from Pune. I have been staying away from my family now for more than 5 years. I have so much to say about my years out that I can write a book on that subject. Surely, it would be a bestseller because it would be well received by the readers, since I would be the only reader. Anyway, I am working in a company which specialises in Computer Security. My basic interest lies in Cryptography and soon I am about to persue a pHD in the same subject. So much for some who was never good in studies in his last 4 years in school and had let his parents down during the final 12th results. Am I lucky to get to a point where I REALLY want to persue my Phd? Is it my determination and I do not know it? I dont know the answers.

There will be more about Myself. I need to write about myself before I can take on the topic for which it is meant for. But first, some time for myself ! I think I deserve some space !!

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