This blog will stay

Of course it will. If there was such a doubt.

Last few months I have been working on an article that has taken a lot of my energy. I have travelled a bit for it. But I have been drained. I changed my job a few months ago and then I write part-time, so all this has been quite tiring. Furthermore, I am not sure if my story shall see the light of the day. It is not a good thing but I guess, as a part-timer I have seen worse. Not everything is rosy. For someone like me, a story in a word document is the conclusion of an idea. It is an endpoint. As a writer, it is very important to have faith in that idea. You need to have more faith in it than your friends, your wife, your readers and perhaps most importantly, your editor. You need to persist with that idea until that endpoint is reached. In my case, this time, that faith is now wearing thin.

But the most important thing, in all of this, is simply — that I have been writing. I have been thinking in the same depths that I would be in had I been writing on my blog. So I guess, there’s something there. That’s my takeaway, at the least, out of all this. That shall be the least common denominator.

So I reiterate, maybe mostly to myself, that I will continue to write on this blog. This was never an intended break. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “This blog will stay

  1. Hi Adi,

    It’s been a long time.. hope you both are well. :)

    I’ve had a blogging break as well, life simply gets too hectic sometimes!

    Keep writing!

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