I do not know if this is true for you, but have you ever wondered and noticed that there are some people (in the media) whom you have seen all your life? From your earliest memories to this day- these “stars” have ACTUALLY been there, entertaining you? Can you imgaine how would it be when

I despise it when people call computer programmers “nerds” or “computer-worms” or any similar thing for that matter. Staring at the computer screen all days and speaking a jargon which is understood by less does not make anyone a nerd. Anf furthermore, I really dont like it when these same people close themselves so much

Recently Mr Gavaskar was invited to deliver the Colin Cowdrey lecture. Surprising as it was, it came into account that he was very much irritated and disappointed by the sledging going on in the game. Surprising because, Mr Gavaskar himself admits, it was only once or maybe twice that he had actually experienced this bitter

To start with, I think I ought to tell everyone about myself. I am Aditya Kumar. My ID on rediff is truman. I had made this ID in the starting days of rediff.com. It was inspired by the main character “truman burbank” of the movie “The Truman Show”. It may sound suprising, but before the