In Bombay

I have just arrived home after visiting Bombay. Again. For no particular reason. I do not know, but I am attracted to Bombay. I am not aware of the source of this attraction- is it Bombay- the religion, Bombay- the attitude, Bombay- the spirit, or just the green sea water and the smell that comes


Thanks to Madman, my *own* blog is finally up and running. I had a hard time choosing the template. The WordPress community offers so many themes to modify the look of your blog that it is not surprising to be overwhelmed and finally confused. I started blogging almost 2 years back, when in my first

What did the books do to you?

This is what is written on a makeshift banner which is stuck on a railing near Churchgate Railway Station: “What did the books do to you?” So the “Shanghaisation” of Bombay, or what we call Mumbai, is underway. Suddenly, after decades, the state government has finally woken up to the fact that having the worlds