What did the books do to you?

This is what is written on a makeshift banner which is stuck on a railing near Churchgate Railway Station: “What did the books do to you?” So the “Shanghaisation” of Bombay, or what we call Mumbai, is underway. Suddenly, after decades, the state government has finally woken up to the fact that having the worlds


The sound of my Nokia pierces conveniently through the silence that envelopes my room at 7 AM. The only sound besides the noise this Nokia makes is the distant humming of my computer. But as the cell phone hums “Streetwise”, one of its long 4KB polyphonic ring tones, the sound is making inroads into my

If you are an Indian, you must be knowing about what I am going to say about. Everyone you seem to know, asks for a treat on your birthday. I had been following the same “custom” all my 22 years of existence. But recently when I thought about it, I found it funny. Should’nt it