Back from a hiatus

A month and a half and this blog, this space has been just neglected by me.

I’ll admit that there are numerous chains of thought that generate themselves in unintended writing breaks like the one I am just coming from. Some of them even question the very existence of this space.

But, of the many thoughts that have occurred to me during the past 10 days or so, the most encouraging has been the one that said – Don’t look too much into this prolonged sabbatical from writing and blog-posting. It’s just another thing that happens every once in a while.

I encourage you to take that as an answer as well, in case you’ve been wondering about my whereabouts.

So without giving you excuses or playing the blame game for this extended unannounced hiatus, I am just writing this post down to break the monotony of silence in this blogging space. I’m around, as I have always been.

ps: this new theme, as of now, it is an experiment. I may revert back to the old one soon. Or get another new one.

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