Make Believe

Out here in America, I have started to long to go back. Clearly a case of a trip gone bad. Who would expect a software company to sponsor a leisure trip but we sure could have done better than a 16-18 hour work day with 5 hours of sleep, going on and on, in an endless spiral.

One of the things that I had hoped to work upon here was to take care of my ever shortening attention span. With not much distractions of the materialistic kind, I had hoped to live a minimal life and spend my free time reading some books, something that I have always enjoyed and also something that could help in building my attention span. But, on the other hand, it has gone shorter — there’s always a lookout for the window flashing on the Windows taskbar. Or a phone vibrating.

A bunch of people who you work with ask you to join a online chat room. The initiating factor is that a high complexity, highly critical issue needs attention. Two hours later, the conclusion is that a high complexity, highly critical issue needs attention. A group of people makes you believe that the problem at hand is highly critical and not finding a resolution would be the end of the world. They think so because there is another group of people who has made them believe it.

In the end its all make believe. But the attention span is sure getting shorter.

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