Earth Hour

While someone like Lalit Modi would not believe in the concept of “Earth Hour” because it does not bring in the money, I urge you to take a look at the concept.

The idea is that on the Saturday that is two days away, 27th of March 2010, you switch off your lights and keep the power consumption to the minimum for an hour (8:30-9:30 PM). In other words, try to make your carbon footprint to the minimum, for this one hour. And avoid IPL.

This is an event planned at a Global scale (and I think, this is the second year India would be a part of it). So from the space needle in Seattle till the pyramids of Giza, the lights would go out. Of course, at different times but for one hour from 20:30, everywhere.

Earth hour is an easy way to help the world that we live in. In fact, I think something like this should be done on a monthly basis. The energy that we will save would be nothing in proportion to what we spend the rest of the 364 days of the year, but more importantly this would make people aware of the state of the world we live in and instill the thought that we need to conserve of what we have left.

One thought on “Earth Hour

  1. I was at my aunt’s for Earth Hour. Moments before we were supposed to switch off the lights, my cousin and his wife made a lot of noise about how little 1 hour would mean. “What difference would it make?” he lamented, in front of his young children (aged under 12) who at this juncture, I suppose believe everything their parents say.

    My aunt switched off the lights anyway, and I was glad for that. But I wasn’t terribly happy with the parenting skills on display. I mean, you may not want to support the event, and that’s fine, but there’s not quite so much the need to teach your children that small efforts don’t count.

    BTW, the national electricity provider in Malaysia threatened to sue WWF for losses incurred due to people switching off their lights.


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