It’s a Sony

This last weekend, the long weekend that just went by, I decided to check out digicams. Deepawali is around the corner, shopping has been on my mind. Since SonyWorld showroom happens to be next to my workplace, it was obviously first on my list.

Turned out, I am not eligible to buy a Sony Camera.

The reason being, of all things, my marital status.

Since I can’t afford to buy the camera by a single upfront cash payment, I have to consider buying it on EMI (Monthly installments). Usually the process takes two to three days for this to get approved, since you have to submit documentation like bank statements, rent agreement and sometimes even the employment letter. But the unsaid rule is that if you are a bachelor your application does not get approved, even though all the other prerequisites are met with.

Exactly my case. But why? Bachelors tend to move places a lot, something unhealthy for the creditors. I was told this by the Sony Executive. He told me not to even bother thinking about buying the product on the EMI option since I am a bachelor.

That was my cue. I had to leave the place!

So what is going on I wonder. A man who is not married can’t buy a Sony Product on installments? Is it so convenient for them to assume all bachelors behave in the same manner? All bachelors go to a Sony Showroom with bad intentions?

Let me put this straight, I think it was shitty.

The feeling that I had when I was leaving the showroom was this: I am NEVER going to buy a Sony again. MARRIED OR NOT.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Sony

  1. hehe! Sony, they are my clients ;). They changed thier catch phrase form ‘its a sony’ to ‘like no other’. I guess in this case they are like no other!

  2. hehehe… i’m doing the same thing – checking out and other newspapers for various discounts on digicams. lol. waiting for diwali time to rioll by, but i must say, i never thought of getting one on EMI – dat sounds a LOT simpler.

    to tell the truth, though, i didnt have any probs getting my laptop via the personal loan i took – dat i repay via EMIs. mebbe its got to do with the bank that Sony banks with – i took a loan from hdfc bank, n they were fin: had my loan approved in a wk flat!

  3. Hi,

    My first time on yoru blog, find it very good to read. Well reagrding your topic I guess its discrimination on base of martial status. In west no one can deny any credit just because you are single.

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