2 thoughts on “Typicial, Typical Roy

  1. I fail to understand why Arundhati Roy would write such strong sentiments.
    It reads more on the lines of a personal outrage than supporting a public protest to
    Bush’s visit. Understandably, the hidden clause to Bush’s visit is not India kneeling down
    and accepting what US has been trying to enforce, but opening a lot of opportunities (in business,
    agriculture, energy). It opens doors to technology transfer that our economy clearly needs if
    it has to sustain growth and development.

  2. [Saurabh] As I said, this is typical Arundhati Roy. I strongly suggest that you read her articles on the bomb here and you should just not miss the one here

    From what I have concluded, yes, it seems a personal outrage. But it’s like this — She is against the bomb. That is it. So much against the bomb that she has taken it personally. So when you read the Hindu article (Her latest..the one that I linked in the post), You do not see it as Arundhati Roy versus Bush. It’s Arundhati versus the Bomb.

    And I think it is so because she belives that the Nuclear Deal is not good for the world.

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