If you are an Indian, you must be knowing about what I am going to say about. Everyone you seem to know, asks for a treat on your birthday. I had been following the same “custom” all my 22 years of existence. But recently when I thought about it, I found it funny. Should’nt it be the other way round?

According to the current trend, the message goes like this- ” Its your birthday! You were born on this day. You are, most probably, happy about your existence in this world. So, you must be the happiest today! Treat us/me!”

And what I believe, it should be is- “Its your birthday, you were born on this day. You are happy of your existence, but I am happy about it more than you. Let me treat you! ”

Most people would not agree with me, I guess. But thats how I think. My closest friend is about to celebrate her birthday in a couple of days. I will try to apply this thought and take her out- if she allows me to! Because, I know, she is like most people- giving a treat to people on her birthday!

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